Stella 4T Delivery Delayed by EPA

The first batch of 4-stroke Genuine Stellas is being held up by the EPA to validate the production model’s compliance with earlier testing (which, obviously, was done on prototypes). In typical transparent and honest fashion, Genuine explains it all clearly, and apologizes for the delay, here. I know the delay must be frustrating for would-be four-stroke Stella riders, but whining about it on the internet isn’t going to get you a bike any faster, and just think, further government confirmation about how green your bike is will just give you hippy 2-stroke killers more to be smug about, amirite?

6 thoughts on “Stella 4T Delivery Delayed by EPA”

  1. It’s ironic, to say the least, that all the pieces of shit that slipped by the EPA and the border patrol in the last decade are now holding up the one scooter with an engine designed from scratch with the sole purpose of being miles ahead of US emissions regulations, sold by one of the handful of legitimate scooter importers in America.

    Jeffraham, you nailed it. Go take it out on BP and leave Genuine alone.

  2. Why the Stella? After all the cheap pieces of dangerous, illegal, malfunctioning, Chinese crap that have been drop shipped in pieces to uneducated new scooter buyers, it’s the Stella that is being held up for review?!


    PS Any word on the Blur 220i??

  3. There are a few possibilities for why the Stella is being targeted. One is that it’s just random, like they used to do with some IRS audits. Another is that they’re looking at it as something new from India and that raises someone’s suspicions. And it could also be that the results for the test Stellas were so good that it raised a red flag and the EPA wants to verify that the production version is the same and that no one’s pulling a bait & switch on them.

    My guess based on nothing: a combination of the latter two.

    Of course, some folks have already joked that Piaggio is behind it. Probably not the case but not exactly far-fetched either.

    Leo, the Blur 220i is going out to dealers right now. The quantities for this shipment are quite limited.

    Oh, and they’re not approved for CA yet. More red tape.

  4. Do you really blame them for holding such a great scooter? The EPA officials are probally using them for free this summer!! Ha Ha! You all better check the milage on your new scooters this year.

  5. The shop I (very part-time) work at expected a Blur on Friday, but it didn’t arrive, so it will likely be in on Tuesday.

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