2SB World Cup Brackets Heat Up

Two exciting weeks of football are behind us, and the group stage of the World Cup is almost over. How are the 18 contenders in our 2SB World Cup Bracket doing?

France and Italy’s early exits really hurt just about everyone. In fact, with all the upsets so far, not one of the million-or-so entrants in ESPN’s Bracket Predictor has full points. We had a lot of Serbia fans that are dissapointed, too. Right now, first place is a three-way-tie with Jason Rossi, Matt Langenberg, and my 8-month-old son Pudge in a three-way tie for first. Of those three, only Langenberg has all four predicted Semifinalists left in the tournament, so he’s looking very good right now.

But even in the lower ranks, there’s hope. Three of the bottom six have all four semifinalist choices still active. Tomorrow is the last day of group play, and Brazil and Portugal are virtually locked in unless Ivory Coast beats Dear Leader by 8, but Spain could tank and pull an Italy tomorrow, and shake everything up again. We’ll see.

In any case, we’re certainly proud of the U.S.A.’s performance so far, and can’t wait for the Ghana match on Saturday. Ghana beat us 2-1 in group play in 2006, and has cooler jerseys than us, can we pull it off this time? What do our bracket-makers think?

  • 17/18 picked the U.S. to succeed in the group stage (boooo, Becky!)
  • 11/18 thought the U.S. would win their second-round match (most of the naysayers expected to meet Germany there)
  • 5/18 were optimistic to see the Yanks through to the Semifinals
  • 1/18 (Matt Langenberg) had the U.S. in the Final, losing to Holland.

I hope they prove us all wrong!

3 thoughts on “2SB World Cup Brackets Heat Up”

  1. you’re still in good shape, Becky, you have 3 of 4 semifinalists left. Each round is worth more points, so if Argentina keeps winning, you’ll do fine.

    Pudge is in first place now, but he’s got italy and france in the semis. If Brazil wins, he’ll do OK, but he probably can’t win either.

  2. Welp, it’s midnight on Sunday and two teams were the victims of some truly shitty officiating, but honestly, the better teams won. The difference was that Mexico looked like they actually had a chance against the nearly invincible Argentina, while England kept tripping over their giant bloated heads as Germany explained the concept of ‘teamwork’ to 11 Beckham wannabes who will now have even more spare time to spend with the F.A.’s official eyebrow stylist.

    Sad to see the U.S. lose, but again, the better team won, good for them.

    tnpsc is leading now (is that you, Patrick?) but we still have about ten entries left with three of the four finalists still alive (none with all four!) so lots of people have a chance at winning this thing.

    We seem to have a lot of Holland fans in the bunch, tomorrow will be a big day for them.

    So far, an exciting Cup with a fair share of deserv-ed upsets and nothing really negative to say about it, aside from the dire officiating. (Shut up already about the ball and the vuvuzelas.) I’ll do a full rundown Wednesday once the 16s are down to 8.

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