World Cup Semis!

Well, a few upsets later, our brackets got a serious shakeup but “tnpsc1” stays in first for now. Argentina and Brazil’s losses bombed most of us, and all the Holland fans I made fun of when this started are looking good now. I’m no math wizard, and the scoring of this contest frankly makes little sense to me, but I *think* as it stands now, if Spain wins the tournament, “tnpsc” (whom we suspect is Patrick from P-Town) wins it. If the Netherlands beats Spain in the final, Kevin “Brazil Sucks” Slater wins. If the Netherlands beat Germany in the final, Matt “m5matty1” DeVries wins, and if Germany wins, it’ll be “Mythdraug,” who’s been posting comments for years on 2SB and lives in Chicago, so it’s about time that I admit I’m not really sure who “Mythdraug” is. But don’t quote me on any of that (the winners or the players). Note that I haven’t bothered to say what happens if Uruguay wins. If they actually beat Holland in a couple hours here, I’ll try to figure it out. Note that I fell to “second to last.” so I’m way out of the running. The only World Cup match I’ve ever seen in person was Germany/Spain in Chicago 1994 (a 1-1 draw), so there’s that. I guess I’d pick Germany over Spain, they’re on a roll and I like the team better. On the other side, I’d love to see L’orange win a Cup finally, but it’s also be neat to see underdogs Uruguay pull it off. In any case, I’m cheering for the NED-URU side of the bracket in the final.

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  1. Well, there was no need to do the Uruguay math. Mythdraug (Oh, right, “Quinn!”) is gone, and so is M5matty “With Fries.” Amazingly, four people picked the final correctly (that’s NED v. ESP, if you’re not paying attention), but points as they are, we can say with absolute certainty that if Spain wins it’s “tnpsc1” which could be Fitzgibbons or McCabe or just about anyone, really, but you better ‘fess up if you want a prize. If the Netherlands win, it’s Kevin “Screech” Slater.

    Bring it on. No offense to tnpsc, whoever you are, 2SB is rooting for Holland, just because of history, and because we can’t get over those incongruous royal blue shorts, and as Martin Tyler just helpfully pointed out, Carles Puyol looks like an 80s metal bass player. Now to find some prizes in my big box of stuff people have sent 2SB to review that we never got around to reviewing…

  2. Hey Brian. TNPSC was my entry. I have it in my head that Dave McCabe introduced us at the Denver Amerivespa, but even if that is correct, there is no chance I would be able to pick you out of a line up. Also, I made my entry with a non-scooter group in mind. I probably wouldn’t have used that name if I had started with 2strokebuzz in mind.

    Anyway I was pulling for the U.S., the Netherlands, and to a lesser extent, Mexico, and picked them to have a good tournament. Otherwise, outside of the group stage I generally picked whomever I was rooting against. As always, cynicism prevails over optimism. I almost picked either South Korea or Japan to get out of the group stage, just to have someone from Asia make it. If I had, I would have won my other group. As it was, I lost with the tiebreaker. When I filled out the bracket, I was thinking that the total goals would include penalty kick shootouts, plus I figured a power should wail on a couple of the weaker teams somewhere along the way.

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