SIP Scooter Shop Photos And Hints Of Another New Lambretta

SIP Scootershop has a great collection of photos on flickr from INTERMOT in Germany. Among the photos were several interesting snaps of new offerings. First, one that caught my eye as a novel design for an electric scooter. I’m not sure of the origin. Please, if anyone recognizes it chime in. According the the INTERMOT booth chart the company next to Hyosung-Germany is “SUZHOU HANDE ELECTRIC BICYCLE CO.”. I think it’s just a good use of long, horizontal, flat floorboards and the raised channels space as well as other ergonomically sensible configuration aspects.

But most interesting was the appearance of the Lambretta name in one of the photos. Sadly, no machine. While several entities vie for the Lambretta name and image, the teaser image on the web-site is attractive if even just the tail end. This group is apparently Irish, spreading the claim to yet another nation. Hopefully we’ll have even more to write about this and other new Lambretta efforts soon.

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  1. That electric scooter is a Hyosung. The badge on the horncast area says S&T and S&T motors bought Hyosung. If you look closely at the pic you linked to, you can almost make out where it says “Hyosung by S&T motors”

  2. Thanks. The booth background was so different I thought they’d have to be different exhibitors.

    I just noticed that the notches on the side of the floorboards are ingenious. They are for your legs when stopped. I’d still like to see less hollow bodywork and everything just a bit lower but that’s a great accommodation.

  3. I sent an e-mail to the Irish Lambretta folks via the Web site and got a reply from one Gabriele Carbucicchio. He said they plan to introduce their new Lammy everywhere except the U.S., because they don’t have a license for the Lambretta name here. He also said they were in negotiations with the “license holder (CMSI?)” about distributing the bike in the U.S.

    Too bad. Everyone in my neck of the woods has Lambretta on the brain, what with Lammy Jammy ’11 happening in Portland…

  4. Brooke has been digging into this more and will have a report soon.

    My gut feeling (TOTAL speculation) is that SIL and “the Consortium” have been hashing it out a while and have come close to an agreement that will allow all current licenseholders to keep what they’ve got, but also make the licensing process less confusing. A few new players seem to be surprisingly confident that they’ll get a chance to use the name, so I wonder if all these deals have been done, more or less, and just not made official yet.

    As I understand it, CMSI doesn’t have any rights at all to the Lambretta name. they were working with the Khuranas and PM Tuning/Lambretta Innovations on the “new Lambretta” but the Khuranas wanted the name more than the bike, and bailed out and went to SIL for rights, and ended up with the US rights (Lambretta International), and the Adly “Lambrettas.” PM and CMSI continued with the bike under various names, but I think CMSI eventually abandoned the project and left it to Lambretta innovations (which appears to be related to PM Tuning) to build the limited-edition “Scomadi” bikes.

  5. Well haven’t “the consortium” and SIL been fighting each other a while now?

    Surely they cant put all the collected crap behind them with SIL being up for sale too.

    As long as they drop the crappy GP team and bring out something that isn’t a plastic children’s toy I’ll be happy.

  6. The mystery electric is indeed a Hyosung ST E3. Currently for sale overseas.

    Better pics:


    Range: 68 miles (at 22mph, ha)
    Top speed: 40mph
    Quick charge (80% capacity) in 2 hours!

    Kind of interesting. It’s an ET crossed with an LX and a Fly in the front and a matte plastic Mojito or Joker in the back. Nice looking saddle. Doesn’t look totally cheap ass.

    I’m inquiring about whether they plan to bring it to the US.

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