2011 Vespa PX 125, 150 for Europe

As predicted a couple months ago, Vespa has taken note of LML’s success in the metal-bodied manual-transmission market. Scooter Station, Scooter-Infos, Hell for Leather, and Motoblog.it are reporting that Piaggio is dusting off the Vespa PX 125 and 150, which will be available in the first quarter of 2011 with some minor cosmetic changes and a catalyzed 2-stroke engine that (somehow) meets Euro3 specs.

As Vespa fans rejoice, we’ll point out that the price is allegedly $4200 in Europe. There are no plans for the U.S., but the price here would be at least $5000.

(Read more about how LML will react to the return of the Vespa PX.)

Thanks David, Tom, and Eric for the links!

11 thoughts on “2011 Vespa PX 125, 150 for Europe”

  1. That’s a sharp looking scooter and not the old style horn casting. I’m not sold on the sculpted seat.

  2. Yeah the horncast is all new, and pretty well-done. I like the seat aesthetically, but I like benchier seats without a hump, ergonomically.

  3. David V. points out the french story reads:

    “cadre mixte avec coque en acier et tubes en acier”
    which means
    “mixed frame with steel hull and steel pipes”
    which would suggest an LML four stroke type of frame?

    Very strange, that they would engineer a Stella-type frame for a traditional 2-stroke engine. Is it possible that they’ve done so just to fit modern emissions controls?”

  4. It could be a step towards making a 4T engine for later, but I imagine it’s just referring to the steering tube.

    What I wouldn’t be surprised at is if Piaggio would have LML make a significant amount of their 4T bike, if it becomes reality. I don’t think there are grudges when it comes lucrative contracts.

  5. I emailed Charles in France to see if he knows more. I should also maybe mention that I went through 13 pages of EICMA product listings on the new Piaggio press site last night and didn’t see anything mentioned about the new PX.

    Oh, wait! It’s there now! Lots of press photos in red and blue, and a press release in english! More soon, but the specs there read “Load Bearing Structure: Steel Body.”

  6. Looks lovely and like the series 1 horn cast. I will be getting one thats for sure but will keep my trusty old P2 for work.

  7. I guess I’m confused… I’ve been under the impression a MY 2011 motor vehicle would have to meet Euro 4 emissions standards. Am I mistaken?

    India is totally okay with Euro 3, and while there have been reports that Piaggio is trying to adapt the LX to the Indian market, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think they realized it would be easier to revive the PX. Would it?

  8. I dig it , they also have a Mat color one which I guess was not ready for the show but photos were taken of it on some guys cellphone I think they might be in the SIP mix somewhere… I really like the new grips and center mat I also hear it has a power plug in the glove box?

    and the tail like is ugly with that seat…. Just my two cents…

  9. Ditto on Bryan’s comment about the seat. I like a flat seat that I can occasionally scoot my butt back on to vary the riding position.

    Horn cast looks very P200e. Are the 80s vintage now?

  10. Hi,
    that’s a good news for old style scooters fans. It’s a good thing that Vespa tries to seduce vintage lovers… hope to see it in France as announced ;)

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