2010 Land Speed Trials

The long-awaited first MSILSF scooter speed trial took place last Sunday (November 21, 2010). The event faced a late change of venue from El Mirage Dry Lake (which turned out to be not-so-Dry-Lake) to a (slightly hilly) half-mile stretch of Route 66 near Devore, CA. The new shorter and hillier course perhaps wasn’t ideal for speed testing, but attendance was good and at the very least, a bar has been set in the various classes for future events. Overall winner was Patrick Owens at 90mph (Yamaha TMAX 500), all winners are listed here. The California Scooter Company posted a good overview and some great photos. Two MSILSF events are already planned for 2011, a Salton Sea Endurance Rally in March and a trip to IMOLA in July, as they work towards getting scooters officially sanctioned for AMA/BUB events at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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  1. Results, for posterity:

    1st: James Sapienz, Puma LaVida 50mph
    2nd: Dan Smith, Kymco S9 42mph

    1st: Tara Pierce, Yamaha Vino 60mph
    2nd: Alan Spears, Kymco S9 Malossi 53mph

    1st: Ryan Jeffries, TNG Venice 59mph
    2nd: Julie Buckner, 1978 Vespa Special 48mph

    1st: Stanley Beebe, Yamaha Riva XC 60mph
    2nd: Lorenzo Ortiz, Yamaha Vino 55mph
    3rd: David Highway, 1966 Lambretta Starsrtream 48mph

    150cc Hybrid
    1st: Sylvain Binau, Cal Scooter Co. Classic 74mph

    1st: Kirk Snell, 1967 Vespa 125 72mph
    2nd: Patrick Owens, 1968 Vespa Primavera 71mph
    3rd: David Garman, Genuine Buddy Blackjack 62mph

    1st: Jeffrey Cosaro, Gilera Runner 82mph
    2nd: Ryan Jeffries, Genuine Buddy Blackjack 67mph

    200cc (Results corrected on 11/24/2010)
    1st: Jesse Devine, Vespa 200 74mph
    2nd: Joel Wismer, Gilera Runner 73mph
    3rd: Patrick Owens, 1968 Vespa 200cc 68mph

    1st: Kristian Storli, 1957 Vespa VB1 150 66mph
    2nd: Waid Parker, 1980 Vespa P200 62mph
    3rd: Glenn Geary, Jonway YY250T 60mph

    250cc Hybrid
    1st: Gary Sloan, Fuji S-101 Superflow Rabbit 80mph

    1st: Jeffrey Cosaro, Vespa Super 300 82mph
    2nd: Richard Glass, Piaggio 300 78mph
    3rd: Waid Parker, Vespa GTS 73mph

    1st: Linda Hurley, Yamaha Majesty 79mph

    1st: Patrick Owens, Yamaha TMAX 90mph
    2nd: Kathleen Hilz, Piaggio MP3 500 84mph

    1st: Art Harrison, Suzuki Burgman Executive 87mph

    250cc Sidecar
    1st: Lewis Laurito, 1963 Vespa w/Sidecar 150cc 41mph

    250cc+ Sidecar
    1st: Lewis Laurito, 1949 Salsbury 42mph
    Fastest Vintage Scooter (Result corrected on 11/24/2010)
    Kirk Snell, 1967 Vespa 125 150cc 72mph

    Fastest Female Rider
    Kathleen Hilz, Piaggio MP3 500 84mph

    Best Dressed
    Tara Pierce, Yamaha Vino Malossi 70cc

    Best Prepared Scooter
    Jeffrey Cosaro, Vespa Super 300cc

    Most Mature
    Waid Parker, 1980 Vespa 200 250cc
    Honorable mention to the guys who traveled the farthest
    Glenn Geary from Fort McCoy, Florida
    Lou Laurito from Dayton, Ohio

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