Genuine Buddy 170 for 2011,
Electric IDEP coming to Europe

Bosco on Modern Buddy beats us to the scoop: 161cc fuel-injected Genuine Buddy in three new colors for 2011. If they can keep the price reasonably close to the carbureted models, these will rule the scooter market.

In other PGO Buddy news, PGO’s promisingly redesigned eBuBu is called “IDEP”, it’s a “Buddy” with electric motors mounted within both wheels, It’s due in Europe soon.

4 thoughts on “Genuine Buddy 170 for 2011,
Electric IDEP coming to Europe”

  1. An electric Bubu with a 20 mile range and top speed of 25 mph … Nope, not ready yet. That’s barely mid class among current e-Scooters.

    The 161 EFI Buddy on the other hand … nice!

  2. Splitting hairs here, but that highly-optimistic displacement roundup reminds me of Piaggio. Sorry, 161cc is not a “170”, it’s a 160. Sounds like they borrowed the idea from cell phone companies who charge you a full extra minute for one second over the minute mark.

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