Fremont Motors Electric Scooter Concept Show In Seattle

In the past I have posted a few items on the electric conversion offerings from Soundspeed Scooters in Seattle. Now the man behind those efforts, Jeb Gast, has designed a new electric scooter to be unveiled this Friday, March 4th at Motore Coffee in Seattle, WA. The party begins at 5:30 and the designer/builder will be on hand to show off his work and talk about the process and plans for the future.

The new venture is called Fremont Motors and the scooter has been named “Fido”. The goal was to make a new, clean design that would allow user access for maintenance, but simple enough to minimize the need. Jeb has shared some preliminary ideas and specifications that sound exciting. He’s promised to send photos of the event but if anyone from the gray, damp city can attend, please take some snaps and send them to brookespeed at that google email service.

Fido Release Party
Friday, March 4th, 5:30pm
Motore Coffee
1904 9th Ave, Seattle

2 thoughts on “Fremont Motors Electric Scooter Concept Show In Seattle”

  1. No worries Bryan, I will be there with my camera.

    An electric scooter by definition should be simple and easy for an owner to maintain, because modern brushless electric motors have nothing to wear out, and are completely sealed. It will be interesting to see what he plans to use for batteries; if he can get the same ones found in the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, the bike should be light and nippy…

  2. I’ve been a fan of the electric vintage Vespa conversions from SoundSpeed for some time now and can’t wait to see what this project offers.
    Got to admit, I love the idea of an easy to work on electric..

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