2 thoughts on “Fuel-Cell Burgman approved for EU”

  1. OK, I was ready to sneer at a demonstration vehicle that was not really practical because of an unrealistically short range – like most electrics – but was pleasantly surprised. This thing has a range of 220 miles – not the 20 miles I expected. Was not able to divine top speed – the Suzuki site shows it cruising on an empty highway – shot in wide angle video that makes it impossible to judge actual speed. And of course it isn’t really practical until we have hydrogen fueling stations, but still, this is far more promising than my cynical exprectations.

  2. Yep, Mark, it’s still a way off and there are practical considerations like the fueling stations, but it’s not totally pie in the sky. Piaggio was bragging about fuel cells years ago, but I haven’t heard anything about it for some time.

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