10 thoughts on “A Different Sort of Scooter Club”

  1. Oh, HAIL no.

    When I work at the shop, I get about one call a month for a scooter battery. They read off a number that definitely isn’t a scooter battery, and I ask, “Is this a personal mobility device… a powerchair?” Invariably, yes, that is what it is.

  2. I got so pi$$ed once, registered for a ‘free scooter’ at some event. Then in a few weeks ‘The Scooter Store’ – type of business contacted me.

    “Son are you the one who’s having trouble walking?”

    I was hot! They were trying to sell me a powered wheel chair.

    EVERYONE knows a scooter is a vehicle like a Cushman or a Vespa. I guess some don’t.

    They seem to lump a whole slew of stuff into scooter’s category – even something that you sit on and roll around in your garden.


  3. would be kind of rad to show up at a rally on one of those with road lights and stadium mirrors and a raccoon tail on an arial, lambswool seat cover, moon wheels, maybe “ED” in those gold reflective stickers…

  4. I’ve done my time with “mobility scooters” and powered wheelchairs. Once I could walk again I vowed to never return. I can see getting a Yike Bike or even a Segway before ever considering riding around in a bladeless lawn mower.

  5. Well if that is where we’re headed somebody needs to start working on upgrades. Those tires suck and I don’t think one of them has been kitted. Maybe battery tech will be the upgrade in the future. haaa

  6. The local shop also gets enough calls for tires and batteries for the electric stand-up “razor” style scooters that I recommended to the owner that he consider stocking some of that crap, though.

  7. At least one scooter shop owner has decided to stop buying yellow pages advertising in their area, and concentrate their advertising money in other ways. Part of the reason for that decision was the mobility scooter calls.

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