“Scooter Commuter,” 1962

It is absolutely mandatory that you watch the Rank Organisation’s “Scooter Commuter” film from 1962. A lot of the pitch is still true today, but more than anything, it’s just heartwarming to see such well-shot footage of vintage Vespas and Lambrettas (and Corgis, and Bonds, and more) in action back when a silk scarf was all the head protection you needed. It’s like watching Quadrophenia without the baggage and overwrought bass noodling.

One thought on ““Scooter Commuter,” 1962”

  1. The reason why nobody is having any fun these day is because those guys had it all back then. Cross-country push-scooter relay racing?!? I was born twenty years too late and in the wrong country. Amazing! And that was just the push-scooters. I don’t even know what to say about the motorized scooter scenes. Awesome. Dudes, that’s the second video in a row that’s rated an instant replay on the TV. Keep up the good work.

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