Bieber SEO Scooter Can of Corn

I have never used the word “Bieber” on this site, so here’s my shot at tripling my Google ranking: Justin Bieber on a scooter in Israel. He appears to be wearing clamdiggers (are those actually hip again? I guess they are now) but actual shoes and socks and a full-face. Good kid. Thanks for the link, Bradford, who just happened to be surfing some hispanic preeteen girl’s Justin Bieber Blogspot.


3 thoughts on “Bieber SEO Scooter Can of Corn

  1. Well, I never thought I would be discussing, or for that matter defending Justin Bieber!

    That said, lets look at this video with a bit of an experienced rider perspective. It seems clear to me that the mistake was not powerwalking the scoot away, (then again, the paparazzo and Bieber escaped without injury so “no foul” I guess). Justin seems to lack the experience to handle the vehicle in a slow tight circle, he doesn’t counterweight, he makes the classic inexperienced rider mistake of putting his foot down and almost hopping off the seat. Not that a new rider should be expected to perform it, unfortunately, if you are a newb in public AND an international pop star, there is a lot of added risk.

    The paparazzo who stepped dangerously close to that scoot has no understanding of the level of skill required to handle that bike at that speed under those conditions. That could have been an accident even in the hands of an experienced rider, never mind a younger, slighter (relative to the bike weight) rider, out of position, without proper gear, riding on a rental (meaning not his bike), in an unfamiliar country, with different language traffic signs!

    It is whenever I read news reports revolving around topics that I have experience in or am knowledgeable on, from either work or avocation, I realize how biased media reporting can *inadvertently* be, (never mind the excess of overt twisting that goes on, especially in the political coverage realm).

    PS: More CWC, less Bieber.

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