Major Lambretta Parts Distro Merger

Besides the hot topic in the Facebook world asking Lambretta owners where they buy their goods, there was an announcement today of a merger between two of the major Lambretta outlets in America. and Casa Lambretta USA have merged and will soon be operating under the Jet200 name. The same services of both companies will continue as before. So don’t fret, DCD. The shop will still be serving you at it’s Mile High location, though it will now be a purely Innocenti snob shop, excluding Vespa work for the benefit of focusing on, to put it politely, those who need the most help. (My words, not theirs!) Hopefully this will benefit all involved and make owning a beautiful scooter all the more tolerable.

4 thoughts on “Major Lambretta Parts Distro Merger”

  1. This is actually a great time to be a Lambretta owner. More and more parts are being remade to an increasingly higher standard. New parts are being developed and released all the time. The Vespa parts scene is seemingly headed in the opposite direction. Further solidifying and justifying all Lambretta snobbery ;)

  2. I hope everyone could detect my sincere tongue in cheek support embedded between the lines.

    As I’m sure Jet200 will continue to be the sole US outlet for the BGM Vespa dampeners. Right?!

  3. Yes! With more BGM Vespa stuff on the way. Cranks, performance shocks for P-series and smallframes, etc.

  4. Yeah, congrats, Mark! Now I need a Lambretta!

    (Start lobbying to be the new Lambretta importer too because I’m a little nervous about how that’s going to work out.)

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