7 thoughts on “Lambretta LN Video”

  1. The shot of the metal chassis is interesting. Now it’s like a Vespa! I think it’s a slap in the face of the tradition of tube bending by Innocenti. If there is another version with a tubular chassis, even with plastic panels, I think that would be better. Fingers crossed for 10″ wheels on that one.

  2. I like how they use the history and imagery of a company that they have absolutely nothing to do with to sell their product.

  3. @ 1:20 and 2:15, is it just me or does the seat seem to be coming apart at the seam? either way, the video sounded and looked pretty italian, so i guess this thing is about as authentico as olive garden.

  4. If all-you-can-eat bread sticks isn’t Italian, I want nothing to do with the country.

  5. I own and love my Vespa GT200, so I am not anti-modern or anti 4-stroke, but I just think this thing is kind of pointless. Lambretta is becoming the Indian Motorcycles of the scooter world. Show me a Lambretta knockoff as good as an LML Stella, and you’ve got a deal. This appears to be a Lambretta body kit slapped on a Buddy 125.

  6. The video shows a chassis that’s much more like a GT200 than a Buddy125. I think if it were that body kit over the Buddy chassis, it would be much better. Far, far better.

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