Alliance’s SYM Lineup Grows,
Wolf Coming Soon

Mike Hickman from Alliance Powersports let us know that new SYM HD200s, Symba, and Fiddle IIs have arrived in the U.S, and the promising Wolf motorcycle is on the way. This is great news, SYM is a great manufacturer and we’re happy to see them making a comeback. SYM’s distributor network and web presence definitely needs some clarification, but we’ll take any baby steps we can get.

Here’s Hickman’s comment:

So the 2012 HD 200 EVO with the disc brake, powder coated black forks and rims along with stitching in the seat to match the color of the bike, Awesome!!! The 2012 Symba and Fiddle 11 have also arrived, and the much anticipated Wolf Classic 150cc is on the water with an arrival date of just after Labor Day! Let’s get this party started! Ride Safe!

10 thoughts on “Alliance’s SYM Lineup Grows,
Wolf Coming Soon”

  1. The crap economy of 2011 makes me think that the 2999 price point for the Wolf looks even worse.

  2. It bothers me a little that he continues to refer to the Fiddle II as the Fiddle 11. Did I miss the first 10 Fiddles?

  3. I’ve seen the Wolf in person an am impressed BUTT !
    I Have to keep the competition in mind;
    GZ250 MSRP $2,999
    The adorable wolf style TU250X MSRP $3,999,
    CBR250R! MSRP $3,999
    All established names with wiggle room in their prices.
    I’m cautiously optimistic yet semi .concerned !
    I would personally like to see a well priced, well built, quality small displacement motorcycle manufacturer come to the states but I’m not sure if Americans would choose MPG over size?
    What do you think?

  4. Just heard from a reader that Alliance has been confirmed as the NATIONAL distributor, which seals up that mystery, for better (now we know, and also, 2 distributors seemed like folly) and for worse (Even with a quality SYM lineup, Alliance has a long way to go, marketing-wise and dealer-wise, to catch up with other importers.)

  5. Suzuki has not pushed selling the TU250X, in fact they have no plans to get CARB approval for it. My friend at the local North Hollywood Suzuki dealer says they have customers who want to buy now, but they can’t get em here. I have also heard that dealers in the 49 states that can sell the TU250X are not stocking it.

    The Wolf has CARB approval, and I already have a good size interest list. We should have them in a few weeks. I have already been talking to Alliance about developing an aftermarket for it, including cafe kits. Should be interesting.

  6. Orin,

    I pointed that out to Mike several months ago, and offered to put up something more suitable for them for a few hundred dollars. He assured me that wasn’t necessary; that his web folx had it all under control. Cheers!

  7. We worked very hard to keep the MSRP under 3K ($2999) on the Wolf Classic which as most know was the original MSRP advertised more than two years ago by the previous distributor. I’ll see if I can stop calling (it) The Fiddle eleven and start with two II , no promises! As for the website it is obviously behind schedule we are working very hard every day on it, our owner is meticulous and wants to make sure it is near perfect before going live with it. Please go to for a sample or follow us on facebook for updates until goes live hopefully soon! Ride safe.

  8. So most know now is up and running (AWESOME!) and obviously not our first website! The 50cc Mio will be the next scooter you see us import ( late December 2011) with several more models coming in 2012, two of which will make their debut at the 2012 Dealer Expo in February. Look for our National ad campaign to flood the market starting in January 2012. Ride Safe.

  9. Wow I didn’t realize it has been more than a year since last we commented on this forum! New in the Alliance/SYM world and in stock now are the 2013 Citycom with a few upgrades, the 2013 RV200, and coming Very soon the 2013 two stroke Jet 50cc EVO which will be on display in a couple of weeks at the 2013 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, come meet us live and let us buy you a cup of coffee. We promise not to say I told you so to any of our naysayers!

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