Future Of The Past

Is a new slogan for Giannelli exhausts, or maybe just a poor google translation. The company is reintroducing many of its pipes for mopeds and scooters from 1980’s on the angle that if it was good enough 25 years ago it’s good enough for old guys with more money to relive their youth with now. Also appears the company will introduce a new exhaust for the 4-stroke LML Stella/Star. Living in the past not for you? Well then maybe the MyMuffler program from Polini is more your style. I’m sure you often thought “boy would I like my name emblazoned on the can of my exhaust” well now you can!

2 thoughts on “Future Of The Past”

  1. The Gianelli Devil was one helluva pipe…….I’d buy another one.

  2. I’d like to welcome Matt ‘With Fries’ to the 2strokebuzz reporting staff. Good job, Matty!

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