“The Lambretta is back…”

…so says lambrettaweb.com (via scooter-infos.) Sorry to get your hopes up, ha. I’ve stopped guessing (and caring) which of the dozen fighting parties is behind which models or which hype, or if any of it will ever see the light of day, but maybe you’re still holding out hope that something good will come of all this.

7 thoughts on ““The Lambretta is back…””

  1. I read this thing every day, i just dont chime in much. The american importer for Lam dose no seem real motivated about the new stuff. iV HEAR NOTHING ON THE iTALJET FRONT SO i WENT OUT AND BOUGHT MY OWN DARAGESTER 180 AND FORMULA 50. THEY ARE EVERYTHING EVER SAID ABOUT THEM.

  2. I just want all these people with vested interests to get out from behind their lawyers and have an old fashioned street fight. They could even put it in a non-discriminant location to keep a level playing field. Somewhere like Iceland or peru and have it featured on pay-per-view or a dark corner of eBaum’s world.

    Once we can recognize a true champion, maybe I’ll care a little more.

  3. There are a few daily lurkers out here, But if I have nothing to contribute to the conversation, generally speaking I won’t waste your bandwidth ;-)

  4. Nice to hear from the as til now silent readers! There are only a handful of people we don’t like to hear from. Reading comments is motivating to post more often. Waste the bandwidth away. Far less informed have made more noise.

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