Steve’s 5 Reasons Not to Ride in the Winter

Surely you have Steve Williams’ great Scooter in the Sticks bookmarked, but just in case you missed it, here are his 5 Reasons Not to Ride a Motorcycle or Scooter in the Winter.

I sorta disagree with #5, by the way, there’s no shame in just avoiding the stuff altogether, it’s simply unsafe to ride on ice or snow, and I’m not willing to take that risk in the name of ‘cred.’ I’ll ride the bus or drive and keep my body in one piece, ha.

One thought on “Steve’s 5 Reasons Not to Ride in the Winter”

  1. Thanks for the note about my musing on riding in the winter. I sort of regret not spending more time editing (and thinking) about it because some of my intent was lost especially as you point out with #5. There’s a lot of personal profit for me in riding in less than favorable conditions but my behavior should not inform anyone else’s decision. And I certainly don’t want to imply any shame for those that choose to stay home. I reserve shame and disdain mostly for loud motorcycles that wake me up at 2:30am after the bars close. Those guys disappear in the winter though.

    And I have chosen to leave the Vespa at home on lots of cold and not so cold days purely because I couldn’t bring myself to gear up.

    Thanks again for the notice!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

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