Art Imitates Life, In Portland, In The 1890s, And Today

The Pacific North West is an interesting place. I hated it when I lived in Seattle. Someone could have easily walked up to me and said, “You’re doing it wrong!”. Regardless of my misery I wouldn’t trade the experience, good friends and some good times. One weekend I visited Portland for Spring Scoot made me think that if I had maybe picked the smaller city to the south I would have enjoyed my time in the region more. They were living the dream. The unwashed and not-pumping-your-own-gas dream, but a dream nonetheless.

P-Town Scooters just posted on Facebook some sweet artwork for this years Spring Scoot rally, held March 30th through April 1st. A poster or shirt with this art would be worth the trip if my social calendar was clear, not to mention the likely destination for breakfast on Sunday morning. Good times…good times.