Coast to Coast and Anything Goes!

Well probably not anything, since each rider has to start and finish each day at a designated location and I have a feeling that neither Dom Deluise or Sammy Davis Jr. are participating this year. The 2012 Cannonball kicked off on Sunday at Vespa Savannah and will take 50 riders from the East to the West Coast in 7 days. This year a new handicap system was implemented that was intended to even the playing field between vintage and modern scoots, but in turn created a loophole for someone with a 1946 Salsbury body and Ninja 250 motorcycle engine to blow away the competition. Also new this year is a neat way to follow the riders through the Follow Ride website that shows each riders approximate location throughout the day. The race will end at Motorsport Scooters in San Diego on Sunday. Good luck to all, especially to the guy on a 1983 Honda Passport.

4 thoughts on “Coast to Coast and Anything Goes!”

  1. I’m glad they’re trying a handicapping system, otherwise it would just be taken over by maxiscoots. I am disappointed with the Salisbury entry. I kind of feel the owner is ‘gaming the system’ a little bit by following the letter of the law but not the spirit.

  2. The Salisbury is totally gaming the system, but so what? Every race ever, people whine about rules and classes, that takes all the fun out of it. This whole thing is silly (and amazing) and people should be doing it just do it for the fun of it and to challenge themselves And what’s more in the spirit of the original cannonball/gumball rallies than cheating the system? We all know stock Allstates and Passports (and the people who ride them) are shitloads cooler than anything powered by a Ninja engine. Maybe we should give a special 2strokebuzz award when it’s over?

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