4 thoughts on “Scooterfile’s Stella 4T review”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, ScooterFile exists to point people to great scooter content all over the web, and 2StrokeBuzz is at the top of that list!

    We need to do lunch. Seriously!

  2. I want more. This is an important scooter and everything I’ve read about it just comes up short.

    What’s the engine based off of? How similar is it to the Bajaj lump? How does it accelerated compared to the 2t? What sort of warranty repairs have dealers had to contend with? Can we expect the same sort of problems with the cranks and bearings as we had with the Stella 2T after about 2K? Did they solve the range problem of the Bajaj? What’s the real life MPG?

    How are these selling in India? This has implications for how long of a production life the scooter will really have.

    How about some photos of the engine? Photos of the seat up?

  3. I addressed a little bit of that in the old preview, Dave, I think the prototype I pictured is unchanged in the final edition. Judging from exterior photos and what Genuine’s told me compared to the well-known Bajaj diagram, the design is somewhat similar, but original and not interchangable with Bajaj. There are plenty on the road now. Presumably you’ll be at Amerivespa, Philip McCaleb and most of the Genuine staff will be there, as well as many dealers and certainly a few owners that would probably let you look under the hood.

    I agree the question is “will they last, and will they keep making them.” By most accounts, they’re selling incredibly well in Europe and other markets, so that’s a good sign, but yeah, it still remains to be seen if it’s really the P of the future, or just an evolutionary dead end like the 4T Bajaj.

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