Tiny Photos Showcase Electric Lambretta and Vespa

Saigon Scooter Center has thrown their hat into the electric scooter ring. It’s not another new Lambretta rumor, but a conversion of old to new. Vespa and Lambetta models appear, named VTronic and EBretta respectively. It’s a bit disappointing that they stuff a behemoth of a 13″ wheel in the back. And the custom cowl on the P-series conversion looks a bit off. But hey, they are making options for the people that want their transportation energy to not come from fossil fuels. At least not fossil fuels burned near them while riding.

Brits must have excellent eye sight. Most of their websites rely on the smallest photographs possible to differentiate products or events from smudges on the screen. Brit Ex-pat run SSC sustains the long tradition even overseas. Long live the Queen.

Check out the photos and description here!

Any readers riding electric scooters right this moment? Home brew, conversions or off the shelf?

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  1. At least not fossil fuels burned near them while riding.

    Thank you for the clarification.

  2. There are a few of us out here with homebrews. I have a ’61 VNB with a 10″ hub motor that I am loving. And a vehicle as small as a scooter is very easy to take completely off-grid (and off fossil fuels) with a small investment in solar panels and deep cell batteries. Converting a bike is not especially cheap, but components (for people who are able to do the work themselves) don’t run much more than the price of a new PX200 motor. And they are downright cheap if you want to cannibalize something like an EVT168 or a Zapino that someone is dumping because they do not want to replace the batteries.
    If you want to a quick conversion, Soundspeed Scooters offers conversion kits to convert your Vespa large or small frame.
    I still have and enjoy all my fuel burning scoots, but the electric bike has become my favorite short-range commuter.
    Here are some sites where you can find some of the homebrews:

  3. Ah, Electric Scooters…Much like Electro-Shock Therapy,
    All those nasty memories/reliability issues magically wiped away, along with most of your/it’s personality.

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