The Vespa 946 Is A Step Closer To Reality

As promised earlier, the radically re-designed Vespa will be brought to market. The latest news from EICMA, as reported by, shows a promotional photo where the new Quarantasei is decked out in commercialized trim. The controls, center stand, mirrors and turn signals are all aspects missing from the prototype that now appear on this pre-launch offering.

So it’s real, it’s arriving within the next year, and the question remains: Is it as interesting to throw a leg over as it is to look at? And will YOU be buying?

13 thoughts on “The Vespa 946 Is A Step Closer To Reality”

  1. Here’s a link to a high-rez pic from Cycle World. After studying that pic carefully, the only thing I see to complain about is the exhaust heat shield which is the same old piece found on every Vespa. It just doesn’t look like it belongs on *that* bike. Otherwise, IMHO, it’s drop-dead gorgeous. Attention, oopsclunkthud, how about a drop-dead gorgeous bolt-on heat shield for the 946?

  2. It doesn’t look super sharp, the heat shield. But it is sculpted to match the bike. I don’t think it’s the standard GT or LX one is it? It needs one and the only thing better would be trim matched, and thankfully there isn’t much chrome.

  3. You’re probably right about the shape, but I can’t help but think a bike that special (and, I’m guessing, expensive) deserves something less pedestrian looking, if you know what I mean.

  4. It IS a scooter, after all. I bet it won’t be any more than a GTV.

  5. If you want to make that bet, call Lloyd’s of London. I wouldn’t take that bet on a dare. I’m serious.

  6. Unless it’s an ultra limited edition, I don’t see them selling many if they cost more. It’s designed around their 3 valve FI 125/150 motor right? So unless it’s an alu chassis, high performance suspension, impeccable attention to detail and comes with an EICMA model draped over it, I don’t see it over 7 grand. If it’s made in fewer numbers than the GTV, then I think it’s not really what I’d call in production.

    I like the design, and would be tempted to buy one on principle. But it should have been on the same scale with 10″ wheels. THAT would be in the spirit of a modern 46.

  7. I’m waiting to see if the EICMA model is listed in the final specs…

  8. I see a lot of Velocifero in it. I really like the wheels. The White on red looks nice. Hopefully they have dual seat option that attaches where the rear rack does. If the LXV is 5499, I can see this being more closer to 5499 than 7k. I like that they did in the smaller size, I thought it was going to be gtv size.

  9. I think that’s a mistake. A mistake in the ‘ca.’ estimate or by Piaggio. It’s unique but not the special. The photo from the direct side view actually points out that it’s an ergonomic failure. The floorboards that were parallel to the ground on every previous model have been replaced by a sloping line that is only appealing to a ‘designer’. And this is the size of a GT. Nothing small about it. This will DWARF a Velo. The seat is designed for two. Consider that for scale!

  10. Brooke wrote: “The seat is designed for two. Consider that for scale!”

    What?!? I hadn’t actually… I’m textless, no kidding. Good Lord…

  11. Henceforth, whenever I see a 946, rather than wonder why it’s so expensive, I’m going to wonder why Piaggio elected to equip it with the world’s first tandem toilet seat…

  12. I think it will be nearly as spacious as a GT seat. That’s my point, this is going to be very large in size for a scooter.

    If those wheels were 8″ that seat would be on scale with a spacious solo saddle. But compare the front wheel (total diameter of about 18-19 inches and the length of the seat from end to end. It’s well over two feet long.

    I’m still disappointed if it will be going for 9000 euro. Though the German wiki report cites that the front fender and handlebar covers will be aluminum (contrary to scooter blog reports elsewhere claiming the chassis is all aluminum) . If the pan under the seat and the backside of the leg shield is also metal, I’m starting to believe it..

    It also cites 1000 vehicles planned for production. Price tag of 11,000 USD will not surprise. and that will be before typical dealer hidden fees.

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