The Lions Roar; This Generation Not Like My Generation

Even though Bryan has his weekly VVV where he showcases a scooter centric videos each and every week, I had to share this new video from The Lions. The Lions feature members from Hepcat and a few other LA area bands and the video for their new single features some nice Vespa/Lambretta footage. Notice that only the Vespa riders receive credit at the end.

-Matt ‘With Fries’ DeVries.

One thought on “The Lions Roar; This Generation Not Like My Generation”

  1. As one of the Lambretta riders, I can assure you that everyone was given credit. The production crew were just not aware of the difference between a Lammy and a Vespa. A simple mistake by a layperson, and we should have pointed it out, but to their credit, the entire crew were a joy to work with, they are the most friendliest, most cheerful,and wholehearted people to meet. Not to mention we had blast for the post production food and drinks at Wurstk├╝che.


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