NoHo Scooters to Close

There has been no shortage of scooter shops closing over the past five years or so with most of them being fly-by-night shops trying to make a quick buck selling inferior imported bikes or ones that got caught up in Vespa Boutique mania, so it’s a real bummer to see one of the good shops closing up. Mike Frankovich posted on the NoHo facebook page that he will closing the doors to his North Hollywood shop. NoHo opened up 10 years ago around the same time as other great scooterist owned shops such as Sportique in Denver, Scooterville in Minneapolis, and Pride of Cleveland. We wish Mike the best of luck!

3 thoughts on “NoHo Scooters to Close”

  1. All great guys I respect and have learned alot from in this crazy business. I feel honored (and a little lucky) to still be in this 10th year group. Without the strong support and passion of the scooter community here in KC and beyond, we wouldn’t be here. We’ll celebrate the opening of our doors 10 years ago this coming Feb 1st. I’m pumped!
    Mike Levitt
    Scooter WorldKC

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