2013/2014 Cold Weather Challenge

CWC09Welcome to the 2013-14 Cold Weather Challenge brought to you by Corazzo, Piston Ported, Factory Tools, Blockhead Printing, and 2Strokebuzz!

There will be prizes given to the top three finishers PLUS a prize package for one randomly selected entrant. That means even if you ride 10 miles in Hawaii you could still win something.

New this year we wont post the temperature or ride length until after the contest has closed!

The rules are as follows.
1. Contest runs December 1st, 2013 through February 28th, 2014
2. Vintage manual shift scooters and 2 stroke manual shift scooters (ie. Stella) only.
3. No sidecars.
4. Ride must be at least 10 miles long. Please chart your route on google maps or a gps and send the link.
5. Coldest Temperature wins – no cheating! We have the interwebs to check now.
6. Please submit at least one photo, preferably in front of a temperature sign but realize that’s not always possible.
7. In case of a tie the furthest distance wins.
8. Open to the residents of USA and Canada only.
9. Please email Matty (matty @ 2strokebuzz.com) with your results in the following format

Distance: (include google maps link or gps route)
Temperature: (via http://www.noaa.gov)

-Even if you’re in Hawaii, Florida or Texas why not enter just to win your state! There will be a random drawing from all entries so you could still walk away with prize!
-Be safe, we know this is a dumb contest but don’t be a dummy and ride when it’s not safe.
-Please keep this post comment free all comments will be deleted.

2 thoughts on “2013/2014 Cold Weather Challenge”

  1. Leaderboard:

    #1 Darren Ward
    #2 “jedi” Scott
    #3 Bo Geigley
    #4 Chandler Howell
    #5 Dandee Fleming
    #6 Brody Shaw
    #7 FireJ
    #8 Brandon Leach
    #8 Michael Anhault
    #9 John Headley
    #10 Jimmy James
    #11 Clay Hackett

  2. Here are the final results! Congrats to those who participated and our gracious sponsors!

    #12 Clay, San Antonio TX, 13.7 miles, 70 degrees – Stella
    #11 Jimmy, LA CA, 75 miles, 50 degrees, Jet 200
    #10 John, San Diago A, 16.3 miles, 46 degrees, P200
    #9 Mike, Bakersfield CA, 15.4 miles, 30 degrees, Li125 Riverside
    #9 Brandon, Bakersfield, CA, 15.4 miles, 30 degrees, TV200
    #8 Sean, Calgary Canada, 10.2 miles, 24 degrees, P200
    #7 FireJ, Pensacola FL, 17 miles, 22 degrees, Primavera
    #6 Brody, Johnstown PA, 13.5 miles, 10 degrees, 100Sport
    #5 Dandee, Albuquerque NM, 10.5 miles, 9 degrees, Stella
    #4 Chandler, Evanston IL, 12.4 miles, 8 degrees, VBB
    #3 Bo, Des Moines IA, 10.8 miles, 4 degrees, P200
    #2 Jedi Scott, Denver CO, 16 miles, 3 degrees, Lambretta J50
    #1 Darren, Calgary Canada, 10.8 miles, -27 degrees! P200

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