VVV: Roar (Adana Twins Remix)

It’s Vespa Video Vednesday again (it comes every few months at random intervals, it’s handed down by the archdiocese, the schedule doesn’t really make any sense) and this one is a winner. It comes by way of my very first scooter comrade, Alfredo.

I don’t generally listen to whatever the kids are calling “Techno” these days, and can’t tell a Patrice Bäumel from a Stephan Bodzin to save my life. And it took me a while to figure out why he sent this to me with VVV in mind. But, oh, OH, it eventually clicked, and spoke to me.

So, allow me to present to you, via Alfredo, the Adana Twins remix of “Roar.” Find some good headphones, turn it up loud, be patient, and see where it takes you.

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