Minnesota bursts with CWC pride

The 2006-07 Cold Weather Challenge has come to an end, with the top four spots going to Twin Cities riders. Jeremy “433” Stomberg rode his 2-stroke Bajaj-powered 1963 Vespa VNB for 11.4 miles at -17°F on February 5, and was stopped by the police for riding on the Transitway. Gary Charpentier (2) and his Baron scooter came up a mile short of Jeremy in the same conditions and Patrick “Duo” Harris (3) dropped his TGB delivery scooter three times during his 18.5-mile ride at -8.5°. Jeremy wins a copy of The Scooter Bible from Whitehorse Press, if his hands ever thaw enough to turn the pages. Congratulations to all the entrants, you’re all nuts!

15 (cold) days left in CWC

After a trip to sunny St. Lucia, then the harsh reality of a houseful of burst pipes, and at least one weird email threat, Ryan has updated the Cold Weather Challenge page. Minnesotans hold the top four spaces, the contest ends on February 28, 2007. 2strokebuzz, and our new secret (for now) site, will also be kicking in a few prizes.