Mekons: Work All Week

Thanks for registering for 2strokebuzz. As a bonus to registered 2sb users, we’re relaunchng our quasi-legal “What Rocks Us” music column. We’ll try to post a new song every Monday. Enjoy! The Mekons: “Work All Week” from Virgin 7″ All my friends know how nuts I am about the Mekons. They’re a band that’s hard […]

What Rocks Us: Beats International

Since Norman Cook has given up scootering, here’s a track from his sort-of-forgotten days between the Housemartins and Fatboy Slim: “Won’t Talk About It” from Beats International’s 1990 album “Let Them Eat Bingo.” The song features Billy Bragg, not only in a far-out-of-context sample from “Levi Stubbs’ Tears,” but also on falsetto lead vocals. Don’t […]

What Rocks Us: Stereolab

Stereolab: “Super-Electric” from the Black Sessions (French radio?) Alfredo and I went to see Stereolab last week (thanks Alf!), and while the show was really really great, it was the first time I’d seen them without guitarist/backing vocalist Mary Hansen, who was killed in a bicycle accident in London in 2002. The band bravely and […]

What Rocks Us: Edith Frost

Edith Frost: “If it Weren’t for the Words” from It’s a Game Drag City DC301 We start out with Chicago-by-way-of-Austin-and-NYC singer/songwriter Edith Frost. This song has been a WLUW staple for the last couple months, and the whole album is a mellow Sunday-morning classic must-have. I could name drop all the albums she’s appeared on, […]