New Lambretta setbacks

Washington-based partners CMSI and Khurana issued a press release this month outlining the problems facing the “New Lambretta” and their internal rivalry:

CMSI, Inc. and its partners KG of Seattle, WA reached an impasse late in 2005 in their discussions concerning how to proceed on the Lambretta project. CMSI and KG are currently working to resolve this impasse and if needed, will submit to binding arbitration to resolve it as outlined in their agreement.
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Illinois SB2439

A proposed law that would legalize lane splitting and enact a helmet law in Illinois, State Bill 2439, has been postponed three times this month by the Illinois Senate Transportation Committee, most recently on February 14. The official synopsis:

Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Provides that, during periods of traffic congestion, a person may, in a safe and prudent manner, operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles. Requires every operator and passenger on a motorcycle, motor driven vehicle, or motorized pedalcycle to wear a helmet.

As you might have guessed, 2sb’s official position, regardless of the law, is that you should wear a helmet and not split lanes.

2sb Drinking game

Ok, i’ve been putting this off for too long, but it’s time for the 2strokeBuzz “Scooters in the news” Drinking Game:

  • Story mentions or alludes to Roman Holiday/Quadrophenia: 2 drinks.
  • Headline alludes to Roman Holiday/Quadrophenia: 4 drinks.
  • Story uses the words “cute,” “putt,” or “diminuative:” 1 drink per instance.
  • Uses the phrase “Easy Rider” “Born to be Mild” or “Mild Ones”: 2 drinks, 4 if it’s a headline.
  • Story mentions espresso, cappuchino, or other posh coffee product: 1 drink.
  • Story fails to mention any brand but Vespa: 3 drinks.
  • Story makes ridiculous claims about gas mileage: 1 drink.
  • Says “park anywhere:” 1 drink.
  • Compares them, favorably or not, to Harley Davidsons: 2 drinks.
  • Interviews yokel who traded motorcycle for a scooter and couldn’t be happier: 2 drinks.
  • Attributes scooter boom to high gas prices or the economy: 1 drink.
  • Mentions college students, commuters, or women as target market: 1 drink (each).
  • Uses phrase “not your father’s (whatever):” 2 drinks.
  • Features Piaggio promo photos: 1 drink.
  • Features a Costantino Sambuy quote from a PiaggioUSA press release, used as if the reporter talked to him: 3 drinks.
  • Incident of condescension: one drink, two if it’s condescending to women.
  • Calls scooters “mopeds” or calls mopeds, pocketbikes, Go-Peds, or electric bicycles “scooters:” 2 drinks
  • Blatant factual error: 2 drinks.
  • Egregious factual error (“the 500cc ET2”): 4 drinks
  • Appears in big city newspaper and doesn’t shout out to local clubs: 1 drink per club ignored.
  • Lists celebrities that own scooters: 1 drink per instance, 4 each if it’s Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld.

Post your suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them and link this up every time I post a news story.