The “T-Max Killer?”

Honda is promising to unveil a mind-blowing Silverwing replacement at EICMA that will knock the socks off potential T-Max buyers. Scooter Station thinks it’s based on this concept from a couple years back. I can guarantee it won’t be that crazy-looking, but they’ve piqued my interest. Also: aren’t high-powered touring scooters supposed to have comfy seats and passenger/storage space? I can see a market for big-displacement sports scooters, but it’s not replacing the Silverwing market.

Kymco Downtown 300i

With EICMA 2008 three weeks away, the new scooter announcements are trickling in. Kymco has unveiled their new Downtown 300i, a welcome competitor in the underrated 300cc category. It features a somewhat sportier design than the XCiting (which is actually also available as a 300i in some markets), with fuel injection, front-and-rear discs, and a 4-valve liquid-cooled engine. Optional ABS brakes will be available, and we bet they’re not this kind.