The “T-Max Killer?”

Honda is promising to unveil a mind-blowing Silverwing replacement at EICMA that will knock the socks off potential T-Max buyers. Scooter Station thinks it’s based on this concept from a couple years back. I can guarantee it won’t be that crazy-looking, but they’ve piqued my interest. Also: aren’t high-powered touring scooters supposed to have comfy seats and passenger/storage space? I can see a market for big-displacement sports scooters, but it’s not replacing the Silverwing market.

2 thoughts on “The “T-Max Killer?””

  1. The idea of a big scooter that’s more sports car and less station wagon appeals a great deal to me. It’ll be interesting to see how big the cargo area on the new S-wing actually is.

  2. I would buy a flat-four with the hydraulic transmission (GRF-1 concept) but more likely any production model would simply be an overweight underpowered SWing-600 with redesigned bodywork to mimic the concept. It’s Honda.

    My question, where are the lightweight naked 100cc to 250cc automatic motorcycles? I want something like the Derbi DH 2.0 but street-legal or the MadAss but with a kickass 250cc engine and high-tech auto-tranny.

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