#25 Factors Affecting Top Speed and Mileage

As with our last installment, I’m not addressing a specific question, but a lot of questions or conversations I’ve heard about motorcycle or scooter top speed and mileage: Why do other scooterists report better mileage or a higher top speed than I seem to get from my scooter?

#21: Parts is Parts

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz (his “panel of experts” has become more trouble than it’s worth) comes from Joe W. in Philly: Does anybody there know how to contact ******** or whatever their corporate identity is this month? Their website lists a “dealer” in Westchester PA who had never sold one, never worked on one. […]

#15: Can’t spell “Vino” without “VIN”

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz and his panel of experts comes from From Mark P. of Galveston FL: I’m looking for a scooter and I’m considering the Yamaha Vino. I’ve read that Yamaha makes some Vinos in China, and I’ve seen ads for much-cheaper Chinese scooters that look like Vinos. Are these all the same […]