#25 Factors Affecting Top Speed and Mileage

As with our last installment, I’m not addressing a specific question, but a lot of questions or conversations I’ve heard about motorcycle or scooter top speed and mileage:

Why do other scooterists report better mileage or a higher top speed than I seem to get from my scooter?

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#23: Scooter Weights and Measures

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz comes from Ryan B. in Chicago, following a thread on CHIscooterList about protecting your cylinder while working on your engine:

……So a 12 oz can of beer fits perfectly in the cylinder of a P200, a shot glass filled with 2 stroke is the perfect mix ratio for a gallon of gas, are these coincidences or is there something going on here?

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#22: Bit by the Vintage Bug

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz (the “panel of experts” is still M.I.A.) comes from Katy D. in California. Katy owned a Honda Metropolitan in the past but…

…I always wanted a vintage Vespa but the price was not right. Now I can afford one, but am leery of venturing into unknown territory…

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#21: Parts is Parts

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz (his “panel of experts” has become more trouble than it’s worth) comes from Joe W. in Philly:

Does anybody there know how to contact ******** or whatever their corporate identity is this month? Their website lists a “dealer” in Westchester PA who had never sold one, never worked on one. I took my scooter there and unfortunately it needs parts. The dealer is unable to get anybody to sell him parts. The phone number is a secret so nobody can call, I get a grumpy response from some of the other dealers on their list – maybe it’s the same situation…

(updated 5/14 with more details)
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#19: The Fastest 50cc Scooter

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz and his panel of experts comes from Charlie M. in Florida:

I am interested in purchasing a 50 cc scooter. In Florida I will not need to get a license. I plan on using it within a five-mile radius. I would like to know the fastest stock (new or used) 50cc scooter. (I’d prefer some storage space if possible, but that’s not a priority.)

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#18: Indoor winter scooter storage?

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz comes from From Phil T. from Chicago, IL:

I have a scooter that I plan to keep in storage for this winter. My plan is to keep it in the basement of our 9-unit building, but I want to be sure that I do everything necessary to both 1, avoid the scooter becoming a fire hazard and 2, ensure that the scooter operates well for the spring unveiling.
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#17: Choosing a scooter on a budget

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz and his panel of experts comes from From Erica P. from up in Wisco:

I am looking for a 150cc scooter, but have a very limited budget of 2,000.00 including T/T/L. I would be using it for small trips within 15 miles of my house. My selections are very obviously limited, and I have been looking at the Vento models, but don’t have any information on their quality. In fact, I can find no information on reviews for scooters in this size and price range. You seem to be very knowledgeable on the topic, could you suggest any models that would fit my specs?

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#16: Throw a kit on that… whatever it is.

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz and his panel of experts comes from From Art E. of Fresno, CA:

Please help, I am stuck with a torn apart “Vino!” From what can tell the engine is a Linhai/Yamaha 49.5cc 2-stroke. I checked the engine number to verify it. I ordered an Athena 70cc big-bore kit and the “big-bore” piston has about 2-3mm of clearance in the stock cylinder! Also the Athena cylinder is about a half inch shorter than the stocker. The clutch variator has splines too small to fit on the crankshaft. Primary gears are wrong (the gear on the shaft has a nub on the end where the stocker does not). I have not measured the stock bore yet. What could be wrong? This is the “Minerelli”-style horizontal engine. Please help!

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#15: Can’t spell “Vino” without “VIN”

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz and his panel of experts comes from From Mark P. of Galveston FL:

I’m looking for a scooter and I’m considering the Yamaha Vino. I’ve read that Yamaha makes some Vinos in China, and I’ve seen ads for much-cheaper Chinese scooters that look like Vinos. Are these all the same bike? How can I tell where a scooter was manufactured?

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