Malaguti: Little Hope for a Future

September 15, 2011

Charles-Emmanuel at Scooter-Infos puts it best:

Maigre consolation : le célèbre logo éviterait ainsi d’être apposé à la va-vite sur d’obscures productions extrême-orientales.

(Google translation)

Malaguti : c’est fini?

June 16, 2011

Charles at reports

Malaguti is nearly dead

. It’s disappointing to see a marque with such promise (and a legitimate-but-exaggerated history) go, but hardly surprising, ‘disappointing’ is a word commonly associated with Malaguti.

#21: Parts is Parts

May 12, 2010

Today’s question for Dr. Buzz (his “panel of experts” has become more trouble than it’s worth) comes from Joe W. in Philly:

Does anybody there know how to contact ******** or whatever their corporate identity is this month? Their website lists a “dealer” in Westchester PA who had never sold one, never worked on one. I took my scooter there and unfortunately it needs parts. The dealer is unable to get anybody to sell him parts. The phone number is a secret so nobody can call, I get a grumpy response from some of the other dealers on their list – maybe it’s the same situation…

(updated 5/14 with more details)
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Malaguti Blog

November 7, 2008

Oh, no they didn’t. I know Malaguti didn’t name this scooter the “Blog.” Suddenly “Grand Dink” sounds like a pretty awesome name. What’s up with all the Pottery-Barn-looking ecru ultrasuede seats this year?

M&M considers Malaguti

September 27, 2008

India-based Mahindra & Mahindra is considering a purchase of Malaguti Moto. M&M recently bought Kinetic Motors, and thus owns the rights to several Italjet models. Malaguti, like Italjet, produced several popular scooters five years ago, even making brief appearances in nascent American scooter market. Today, both manufacturers appear to be limping along selling a combination of 2003-era bikes and less-inspired newer asian-made models.

Malaguti: “Draw your own conclusions”

April 23, 2008

Baron Motors’ BBS announcement-of-sorts is actually more of a caption contest than an announcement. (BTW, that’s one “t” in Malaguti). I suppose the gist is that CFmoto is building Malaguti-branded bikes and selling them here via Baron. (See also: PSF/QJ/Benelli, LS/?/Italjet.) Also, just for fun, read the Wikipedia Malaguti page and guess who probably wrote it. (Thanks, Matty.)

Stoner replica Malaguti

March 18, 2008

Malaguti (back from the dead in Europe) has unveiled their newest Ducati race replica Phantom F12R, featuring Casey Stoner’s #27.

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