Malaguti: “Draw your own conclusions”

Baron Motors’ BBS announcement-of-sorts is actually more of a caption contest than an announcement. (BTW, that’s one “t” in Malaguti). I suppose the gist is that CFmoto is building Malaguti-branded bikes and selling them here via Baron. (See also: PSF/QJ/Benelli, LS/?/Italjet.) Also, just for fun, read the Wikipedia Malaguti page and guess who probably wrote it. (Thanks, Matty.)

3 thoughts on “Malaguti: “Draw your own conclusions””

  1. Ah, someone killed the post. Lev from Baron posted a photo of himself standing with a CF Moto dude and “Mr. Malagutti” [sic] at CF Moto HQ, with the caption “Draw your own conclusions.”

    Colin from Sportique replied with “You’re the new Joel Martin?” which was riotously funny, to me anyway, and I followed up with “Malaguti is the new Italjet?” and “Baron is the new Diamo?”

    Someone deleted it. Maybe “Mr. Malagutti” wasn’t happy that Lev posted the photo before an official announcement was made.

  2. Or it could have been CFMoto as such a leaked report could have messed up another pending “exclusive” relationship.

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