2sb on SCTRCST

May 7, 2007

I was so busy last week, I forgot to mention that I was interviewed on Episode 9 of Dave Mangano’s “SCTRCST” podcast. Being a chronic mumbler, I was careful to enunciate, but something went awry with the audio so it’s pretty hard to understand me anyway (transcript coming soon). Don’t let that prevent you from listening to SCTRCST regularly, it’s a great show, and usually the guests are much more interesting and easier to understand. : )


February 13, 2007

The vowel-less (assumedly pronounced “scootercast”) is a new scooter podcast by Dave in (?) Colorado. I haven’t listened yet, but it sounds promising and I’ll by syncing it to the ol’ iPod tonight. Looks like the current episode is mostly about Cincinnati, with a little support from the 2strokebuzz news network.

Rockin’ with the J.C. Penney Mods

February 1, 2007

NYC freeform radio station WFMU has unearthed a long-forgotten fad of the sixties: the “corporate musical.” One such musical, J.C. Penney’s “Spirit of 66,” featured a tribute to our well-dressed, pill-popping, basement-club-dwelling friends across the Atlantic: Rockin’ with the Mods. Crazy. (Thanks, Coudal.)

Viva la Vespa (the podcast)

November 19, 2006

Trevor from Southern California wants a Vespa, and has decided to document his journey into scooterdom in a podcast. He’s still trying to sell his car, and doesn’t have the bike yet, but he’s determined. It’s sort of the podcast version of the Scooter Snoop blog. Trevor will thus be happy to learn that Scott from Scooter Snoop finally passed his test last Wednesday and has his GT200 on the road! (Thanks for the link, Rye.)

En vild, vild Vespa

July 26, 2006

Cha-Cha sends us the 1991 masterpiece En Vild, Vild Vespa (right-click to download) by Sweden’s greatest biker bar band, Kenneth and the Knutters. Judging by photos of the band (or is that a Hein Gericke catalog?), the song is probably not terribly complimentary to our chosen means of transportation, but everyone loves Swedes that sound like the Georgia Satellites with Falco on lead vocals.

NPR “Morning Edition” interviews Frankovich

May 9, 2006

NPR’s “Morning Edition” featured NoHo Scooters owner Mike Frankovich today about how awesome and fuel efficient scooters are. In other news, I put over $35 worth of gas in my reasonably efficient car this morning. Thanks for the tip, Lu$

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