7 thoughts on “10 reasons not to buy a vespa”

  1. I don’t get it. Is my picture (top right) supposed to be a reason to buy a Vespa or not?

  2. Hard to say, are you one of those misogynistic non-skirt-wearers? I don’t think she thought out her arguments all that well. Those people with weblogs, they just write and write and never think about what they’re really saying. Heh.

  3. No, I’m a skirt and pants wearer (although I’m not one of those hippies that wears them both at the same time!)

  4. That Eco quote rocks, though. I picture it engraved on a rally trophy.

    Maybe the Belladonnas should look her up and apply some “persuasion”?

  5. Actually, looking at it again, it appears she’s calling you pretty, Becky, so look out for Geegaw and her forbidden love. Good luck with that. Hey, that thanks for reminding me, I have to send your husband his CD back…

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