Coach Vespas

Vespa has collaberated with totem-of-suburban-affluence Coach leather goods to create seven custom scooters. A pink ET with Coach’s “Poppy” pattern appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Another one with a teal “C” pattern has been popping up in PR blurbs. I haven’t seen the rest, and neither Coach nor Vespa has much info on their sites. Meanwhile, it’s fun to see how many papers run the same press release as “news.” Did I ever tell you about the time I worked at Lazarus and spilled a bottle of Windex on a $1100 purse?

6 thoughts on “Coach Vespas”

  1. You know how much I love the color pink… remember the pepto-bismo pink bungalow I owned in Champaign? But the thought of Coach ET’s makes me want to stab myself. Repeatedly, with a large pink serrated Hello Kitty bread knife. Why is that?

  2. >

    Good news Grace! I’m pretty sure you could register for said knife at Tiffany’s, conveniently located across the courtyard from Coach in Oakbrook!

    How very chic.

    -Alana (It’s still all about the Cubs)

  3. I was gonna post it mike, you big crybaby. Now I can’t because you already did, and you didn’t even program your links right.

  4. a)i dunno how to do that and i don’t really need to know. Secondly, you can still do it and also, i wasn’t being a crybaby and then it’s your site. do as you please.

  5. But it’s signed by Sean Astin and Rob Schnieder!

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