2003 MASS Schedule

I suppose I might as well post the MASS schedule for this year. There are still a couple holes, but here it is:

  • Mid March Two-day Track day (Non-Race day) @ I-55 Raceway (St. Louis Kart Track)
  • Apr. 5 @ Blackhawk Farms
  • May 11 @ CRP Ohio (Combined w/ESRA)
  • June 14 @ Gateway International
  • July TBA Two-day event @ I-55 Raceway(St. Louis Kart Track)
  • Aug. 23 @ Blackhawk Farms
  • Sept.19-20 @ Briggs and Stratton Motorplex/Road America
  • Oct. 4 @ Gateway International
  • Late Oct. TBA Endurance Race @ I-55 Raceway (Non-Points Event)

The I-55 Races will be set up with practice all day Saturday with racing most likely in the morning on Sunday, and track time after the races till the track closes.
Track Websites:
Blackhawk Farms
Circleville Raceway Park
Gateway Int’l Raceway
I-55 Raceway
Briggs & Stratton Motorplex

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  1. David Lucash, the team manager, will announce the first-team squad after training camp. We also hope to make some big signings on Draft Day.

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