Them darn two-timing engines

Ever wonder why sometimes you hear “2T” instead of “2-stroke” or “2-cycle?” Well, I always wondered, and today I learned why:

Sean Stevens:
[The T stands for] “time,” e.g. in french it’s moteurs a deux temps.
POC Phil:
It’s also for Takt in German, as in Zwei Takt. “2T” is what is on every decent bottle of 2 stroke oil I’ve ever bought, and it’s the common usage amongst motophiles when referring to 2 stroke bikes.

Okay, It seems obvious now that I think about it, but now I know. thanks guys! But should I change 2SB to 2TB now?

2 thoughts on “Them darn two-timing engines”

  1. Hmm, “buzz” would be “brumm” or “summ,” so “Zweitaktbrummen” oder so auf deutsch.

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