Benelli negli Stati Uniti?

Matthew was apparently intrigued enough by the Adiva to look up the Benelli Moto website. I can’t beat “sufficiente” on the memory game, but I now know they have an importer in Georgia, so that’s good news. They don’t look nearly as cool as the BMW C1, but then again we can’t buy a BMW C1 here, so that’s moot.

4 thoughts on “Benelli negli Stati Uniti?”

  1. ET4 motor, seemed small in a good way. I would drive one, then again I’ve been high bidder on the hexagon the last two auctions so that’s not saying much about my schtyle.


  2. Yeah, I’m already rocking a 150 cc motor so it’s not the upgrade for interstate riding I’m jonesing for. It is a great idea though.


  3. we were checking this thing out at the motorcycle show. It’s really neat in person. I never liked the look of this or the C1 in pictures but its fun to sit in and if your tall enought you can lean on the back rest and drive it.
    laid back with your mind on your money.

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