Civilized Age

If you’re one of the six or seven people reading this that aren’t going to Las Vegas, or if you want to start the party a day early, check out the Civilized Age, The Differents, and Miss Alex White at the Fireside Bowl tomorrow (Thursday) night, sponsored by ModChicago.

2 thoughts on “Civilized Age”

  1. But if you are one of the gazillion people going to Vegas be sure to check out the antics of Robby “The Shocker” and Chris “ScumFuck”. We will be representing the finest mid-west drinking to be seen. If youare down for the crime DonkeyPunch will be scouting the crowd for new members as well as victims(hehehe).

  2. Did you two kiss and make?? or worse! Good to see you’re back to your old self…


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