Bishop Allen at Schubas

Bishop Allen’s Support The Thunder Tour rolls through Schubas on Saturday, they’ve shown up on several ballots in
our music poll. I really regret missing them in that tiny venue last time, but I can’t go this time either, someone let me know how they are live. If nothing else, check out their free downloads. And VOTE in the 2sb music poll, you don’t need to fill out ALL the blanks! The deadline is this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Bishop Allen at Schubas”

  1. I didn’t catch Bishop Allen at Schuba’s. I did catch them at Nevin’s and Elbo Room though, both recently. They were great at Elbo Room. At Nevin’s the sound sucks, but they still brought it. One of the best bands I have seen in a long time, to be sure.

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