After “response that has been nothing short of incredible,” Ducati has decided to go ahead with production of three retro-inspired concept motorcyles unveiled at the Tokyo Motorshow. They’re beautiful, but don’t get too excited, The Big D is hedging their bets with a five-digit deposit and a two-year waiting list. Perhaps this “collect the cash before building the factory” approach will inspire Piaggio to re-issue a modernized Vespa GS. Thanks to Matthew for the link.


  1. Vespa fans are the most hypercritical people in the world, we all know that. But how hard would it be to press an exact copy of a ’50s GS frame, stamp “Piaggio” on a 4-stroke 150 Bajaj motor, slap some turn signals on it, and sell it for $7500? Anyone anal enough to care about the details isn’t gonna buy a new scooter anyway, but that would seem to be a more attractive yuppie toy than an ET4.

  2. You know, frankly I’m bored with the whole “Why doesn’t Piaggio wise up?!?!” comments. Who gives a damn anyway about them not building a new 2005 GS 150 vs5 with a 4-stroke Triptronic transmission anyway? Seriously. If you want one so bloody bad you can always just go dig one out of a farmer’s barn & hack it up yourself.

    Now, where the hell is my Supercharged Gilera Runner 200 4T! That’s what I want to know.



  3. My thoughts (and hopefully soon actions) exactly. But I’d prefer the 2T runner. But I know that’ll never happen for me.

  4. They asked piaggio exec that question in the latest scootering. To paraphrase, he said they wouldn’t because Vespa snobs would be to critical. to quote (i think) ‘…too dangerous’.

  5. I agree, but I think the light height/headset and turn signal legal issues (and them putting a proper front brake on like they damn well should) would turn the hypercritcal folks off. I don’t think the engine would. The ET4 and Bajaj have proved all us 2 stroke lovers wrong in “our” belief in what would make it cool. Just leave it to Genuine to bring in a 4 stroke stella in 2006 or so. Maybe they’ll swing a deal with bajaj. I don’t think they are tied to LML and those Indian companies have shown with the recent imports that they are not against making a scooter for another company after the initial companies license expires.

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