DeVries takes 2003 CWC title.

Ryetronics’ Cold Weather Challenge ended last week, with Matt DeVries of Minneapolis in first place, with -11.5)()(. Rob Baillie in Toronto rode seven miles farther at virtually the same temperature, but Ryetronics made the rules, not 2SB, so Rob’s in second place. Matt does get style points for doing it on a Vespa 90/Primavera hybrid, but you gotta give Rob props for riding a Canadian-spec Zuma.
Hugs to Ryetronics for hosting the winter’s #1 scooter reality show. Visit the site for more CWC stories, stator rebuilds, wiring looms, and CWC stickers.

4 thoughts on “DeVries takes 2003 CWC title.”

  1. Chad,
    as the contest was set up, someone could’ve ridden 10 miles in 4 degree weather, once, and beat you for the whole winter. I think you probably deserve it, on the scale of frequency + distance of rides. I ride every day but my commute is less than 2 miles and I don’t tend to get across the city as much in the cold.

    Anyone who rides more often and longer than Chad in the winter (?), please accept my props and apologies!

  2. I had an excuse…I was sick this winter and my bike was/is still in pieces. Good job Cha Cha. =D -mykr.

  3. Hey lover, I’m saying i spent alot of colder days with the luxury of my kickass boss’s 4WD Toyota Matrix.. anyone coulda beat me.. i was, admittedly, kinda wussy this year!

  4. as the illinois winner of the cold weather challenge, i have to say, “eat me” to all the chicago scooterists who could have easily beat me…. 5 degrees? come on..

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