10 thoughts on “Vespa returns to Canadia”

  1. Where’s canada? As a Canadian I must ask this in all seriousness. Anyway, here is a link that you guys might find interesting once it gets up and running. http://www.cdnscoot.com

  2. Why do all of you keep misspelling N-O-R-T-H M-E-X-I-C-O ?
    What is the conversion rate for the Canuckianan Peso to the U.S. Dollar anyway?

  3. Insread of Spelling, let’s try speeding in a Scooter of course. Any info on the Canadian travel for Vespa package? Website? Contact?

  4. Any chance of these Vespa buying trips being in the Montreal area? PLEASE e-mail me with info…

  5. “Buy Vespas at a third of the U.S. price” — Isnit this a joke paralleling the on-line prescription drug market? I think it is, looking at the Canadian price of Vespas in Canadian dollars.

  6. I heart seeing Canada referred to as Canadia. It makes me warm and tingly.

  7. I don’t know how much an ET4 is in the States but with the dollars conversion it works out to about 3700.00US. Sounds good to me. But that was a Canadia-ia math class I dun graduated.

  8. Can’t wait- Victoria has the most beautiful rally location in the Pee En Double U.

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