2 thoughts on “Adam Ant Arrested, Committed”

  1. Didn’t Miles Davis & Lou Reed also ‘shoot’ Honda
    scooter ads after frying their brains on heroin?

    I say “stay away from burnig Plastic.”

  2. As far as I know;
    Lou Reed
    Adam Ant
    Grace Jones
    Jim McMahon
    Miles Davis
    all did Honda ads. I remember TV commercials, one featuring Lou Reed (was Miles with him, maybe?) and one with Grace Jones and Adam Ant together, where Grace bit Adam’s neck and it stretched out uncomfortably far. I remember my girlfriend in college had a poster of the Adam Ant print ad (several years after it came out). I’ve seen the Devo one on a Devo video, and I didn’t know about the Jim McMahon one until Chad sent it.

    Does anyone know of any others?

    I was too young to drive then, but all the cooler, older kids in my neighborhood had Tomos and Puch mopeds, and nothing would have been cooler than a Honda Elite. Laugh if you want, but that campaign sold a lot of scooters, and had a lot to do with Piaggio leaving the US market.

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