2sb Milestone

2strokeBuzz is about to get its one hundred thousandth (100,000th) visitor. We’d give away a prize if we were one of those obsessive sites that monitor that kind of stuff, but I’m not, and I only noticed because I was checking the stats for something else. I don’t have any way to tell who the 100,000th visitor is anyway… Oh, what the heck, let’s say, since right now, We’re only eleven short, that the eleventh person to email us about how great we are gets a prize. Keep in mind that it might take me 6-8 years to mail said prize.

4 thoughts on “2sb Milestone”

  1. Congrats on the 100k visitor. I should get a prize for visiting your site 6000 times, just waiting… waiting… waiting… for a new story. ;-)

  2. Ok, the 100,000th visitor has come and gone, but I only got three emails, four if you include spam. So either people are logging on just to laugh at me, or people just dont want a prize. Thanks, Grace!

  3. I dunno about anyone else, but I feel awkward trying to win free stuff from you Bryan. You give so much joy as it is.

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