G2K3: The Bacon Cook-Off

Courtesy of the Black Windows MC, Some suggestions that will hopefully put your bacon dish over the top and crush the competition:

  1. The obvious: each entry must contain bacon as a main ingredient.
    Yes, you can use turkey bacon or fakin’ (tofu) bacon, but geez, why
    bother? Enter as many dishes as you like.

  2. Dishes that capture the essence of bacon in one or two bites were
    very successful last year. Remember, judges could be tasting over a
    dozen entries, and while your bacon-wrapped cornish hen stuffed with
    bacon dressing may be delightful, perhaps something that can be
    presented in sample size portions may be more inviting.

  3. Speaking of presentation, creativity and orginality count! Witness
    the award-winning bacon beer cozy from G2K2, versus the shunned squaw

  4. If your dish is best served warm, please bring a crockpot/chafing
    dish to keep it warm if possible. A limited amount of warming devices
    will be provided.

  5. The bacon cook-off begins promptly at 6 p.m., so plan to arrive on
    time. Imagine the horror of creating your bacon masterpiece, only to
    arrive late and the judges are too bloated/oversalted/drunk to
    appreciate your work.

  6. Label your cookware if you ever want to see it again.
  7. The decisions of the judges (last year’s winners: Tracie, Matt &
    Trish, and Matt Howie) are final.